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Historic Photos of New Albany, Indiana

About the website


It was around 2005 when I began saving old photographs from the internet to my computer. There are very many old photos scattered across the internet.  I tinker with website creation as a hobby and this site was created in 2014 as a way to give some semblance of order to the photos. This is not a professional or commercial endeavor and none of the photos are my own work. The problem was not so much finding photos but determining which to include that would be of the most interest. I originally intended to only post photos prior to 1960 but there are quite a few after that date.

The geographical areas listed are only a general location of the photos. The areas run together so it was difficult to determine in which location some photos should be placed.  Some may have been misplaced.

 Most of the photos are from the Indiana History Room Archives of the New Albany-Floyd County Library. Some came from the Indiana Historical Society, the Internet Archive, and the University of Louisville Library.  Some also came from Facebook and Pinterest pages with no credit listed.



 Navigating the Site


The site contains galleries with large thumbnails of the pictures. Clicking on any photo opens larger images with captions in a manual slideshow using the arrows on the screen or keyboard. You may have to click a screen arrow before the keyboard arrows are in effect. Some photos were poor quality and this is amplified when enlarged for viewing on the website.



Here is a site with more old photos of New Albany then at this site but they are not arranged by location.

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